What Causes the Power to Go Out in One Room?
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What Causes the Power to Go Out in One Room?

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Did the power suddenly go out in only one room of your home? The fix may be easier than you think. Read on to discover what could have caused this and how to troubleshoot it yourself.

If you feel like your electrical issue is serious, do not perform any fixes yourself. Rather, call a professional team to do it for you. This way, you can stay safe from the risk of electric shock and avoid further damage to your home or business.

Since 1988, Randazzo has served Michigan residents with top-notch electrical services. Call us if you need anything—from wiring to surge protection, we’ve got you covered.

Why Is There No Electricity in One Room? 

There can be a multitude of reasons why there is no electricity in one room but fully functioning electricity in all the other ones. The two most common reasons are a tripped circuit breaker or a tripped GFCI outlet: 

Circuit Breaker is Tripped

If too many devices are using up power at the same time, or if one of your electronic devices is malfunctioning, a circuit breaker may trip. To fix it, unplug all the devices in that room, then turn the circuit breaker back on to restore power. Slowly begin plugging things in one by one until you can determine which is causing the breaker to trip.

Tripped GFCI Outlet

If the circuit breaker or electric appliances are not the culprits, then the next most likely cause of electricity being out in one room but not the other is a tripped GFCI outlet. Like circuit breakers, GFCI outlets will trip when devices are simultaneously drawing too much power. The fix can be as simple as removing one electronic device plugged in to restore the balance of electricity. 

Are Partial Power Outages Dangerous?

Partial outages can be dangerous. Although seemingly harmless, electrical problems can escalate quickly and without warning, turning things into serious emergencies. Taking immediate action when you are experiencing a power outage is your best bet to ensure the safety of your household. 

If you ignore any electrical issues, you risk experiencing: 

  • Electrical fires
  • Electrocution risks
  • Power surges
  • System failures
  • Compromised security systems
  • Increased energy costs

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How to Fix a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Because a tripped circuit breaker is a common occurrence, you can resolve this electrical issue yourself. Here are the steps to fix a tripped circuit breaker.

1. Unplug All Electronics

For safety reasons, you must first unplug all electronics in the room, including any extension cords.

2. Inspect for Damaged Power Cords

Then, look for damage to your power cords. If you have a pet, look for chewed-up cords or bite marks on wires. Other damage can include cracking, bulging, abrasions, fraying, exposed wires, melted plastic, or burn marks.

3. Find the Tripped Breaker

Locate your circuit breaker box. Panels are usually characterized by a grayish metal door about a couple of feet tall. Breaker panels are typically located in your walls. Then, find the breaker that has a red-orange window and is flipped the opposite way of all the other ones.

4. Reset the Circuit Breaker

Once you’ve located the tripped breaker, you’ll need to reset it. This is as easy as flipping it back to its original position.

5. Identify the Cause of the Issue

Once the breaker is reset, you can begin investigating your electrical problems. Begin by plugging everything in, one thing at a time. If one of the devices you plugged in trips your breaker again, then you’ve found the culprit. 

If you plug everything in, and at the end, the power goes off, then the issue isn’t a single electrical appliance, but that the power of all the appliances combined is overloading your breaker. In short, you have too many things plugged in at once. To solve this issue, you can unplug a couple of things you’re not actively using or work with a licensed electrician so they can perform an electrical panel upgrade.

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If you have electrical problems, stay safe and ask a seasoned electrician to fix them.

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