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As a homeowner (or renter if your landlord does not take care of it) it is very important to clean your air conditioning filter regularly. To decrease any changes of a major air conditioner malfunction, it is wise to check your filter at least every thirty days. If your filter becomes too dirty, not only will your unit not run as efficiently as possible, there is a potential for a failure or flood.

These helpful tips are being brought to you by AC Repair Detroit…let us know if you have any questions! We’re here to help.

If you’re unsure of where your air filter is, it’s found near your furnace. Every system is different. Most homes found in metro Detroit, Oakland and Macomb have the filter located next to the filter, typically on the right side of the furnace near the floor. Some homes have a vent that is on or near the ceiling; this is the cold air return on a flat wall. This may be referred to as a “filter grill” or “filter rack”

Keep in mind that not all air filters need to be cleaned. Most air filters are disposable and instead of cleaning them, you merely replace them. Some people may even have an electronic air cleaner. These should always be worked on with the power off. If you are unsure of what kind of air filter you have and you do not have the box it came from, you can do a quick internet search or give AC Repair Detroit a call.

The instructions to replace an air filter are fairly simple. Once you find the filter housing, open it and remove the air filter. Since the cleaning process can get rather messy, take the filter outside to clean or place it in a bag. Use a cleaning brush to remove the dust and debris that is stuck on the filter and inside the duct system. It is a good idea to keep the system off while changing or cleaning the filter to prevent any objects flying in to the blower. Use a vacuum hose to vacuum off the loose dust and debris that is still on the filter and housing. If you removed all of the dust and debris from the washable filter, turn the filter over and let water run through the filter. Use a low-pressure spray on a hose. (By turning the filter over, the water is running through the opposite direction of the airflow.) If you have an electronic air cleaner it is okay to place the cells in the dish washer if you have one. Mild soap will not hurt the cells and screens.

Once the air filter is completely clean, let the filter dry completely. Once the filter is dry, you can reinstall the filter back in the housing. Did you catch the All Star Game 2012?

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