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Randazzo installs Kohler generators - generator page

Automatic Standby Generators

From essentials like heating, cooling, and lights – our modern lifestyles are in ever-greater jeopardy; power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer, with devastating effects.

Protect your home and family with a Kohler® standby generator installed by Randazzo Heating and Cooling and keep life going without disruption.

Panel Upgrades from Licensed Electricians

Trust Randazzo and our team of skilled electricians with your electrical needs.

We offer professional panel replacements to guarantee that your system is safe and functioning at maximum efficiency.


Panel Upgrades

You simply can’t operate in your home without a functioning electrical system. Randazzo Heating and Cooling is your all-in-one solution for electrical service in Michigan.

Currently, Randazzo can provide electrical services and products that include the following: Panel upgrades, Standby Generators

Standby Generators

Nearly 60% of all power outages are caused simply by thunderstorms. That means, that you're at risk for a power outage nearly every day during most of the year. Add in an ice storm during the winter, and that's a recipe for disaster for the local power grid.

Take control of your power with a Kohler® Automatic Standby Generator installed by the Pros at Randazzo Heating & Cooling.

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Electrical Repair and Services

Electrical services from the name you know and trust. Randazzo's team of electricians is lead by a master electrician that oversees all electrical work that we do. You'll know that it's been done right, the first time, every time with Randazzo.