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Lennox's Feel The Love Program. Grand and Dan (Randazzo Employees) installing a high-efficiency furnace for Feel the Love

Have you ever met an individual who continuously put someone else’s needs before their own and wanted to recognize them for it but didn’t know how? We’re excited to share a way to get that person recognized by nominating them for Lennox’s Feel the Love campaign! 

What is Lennox’s Feel the Love Campaign?

The Feel the love campaign invites local community members to recognize deserving individuals and families in their hometowns by nominating them to receive new heating and cooling systems. Each nomination recognizes an unsung hero who may be going through hardship, helps others in need, or simply supports their community. Since 2009, this campaign has installed new systems in 1,500+ homes and donated over 9 million dollars of materials. 

Why Randazzo Loves This Campaign

As a continued tradition, we participate every year in the Feel the Love campaign because it’s truly a fantastic campaign. And every year, we meet great people who bless our hearts and make us better individuals. Last year, 2021, was another shining example of why we make it a point to do this every year, and it was truly an honor.  

 Last year’s Feel the Love campaign lasted for four months, May through August, and we had a great turnout. The community voted for their nominee, and in mid-August, it was time to start reviewing the candidates. After weeks of deliberation, we had the opportunity to help an unsung hero who had been involved with the Sterling Heights community for over 50 years. His impact on the community showed as he obtained many heartfelt nominations that made us believe he was the best candidate.  

In early October, we reached out to the nominee and let him know that he was selected as a recipient of the Feel the Love campaign. And that the community nominated him because of the support he gave to his community throughout the years. He was elated, as his old furnace was failing, and he didn’t have the means to replace it.  

A couple of days after the phone call, we arrived at his home in Sterling Heights. We were met with joy and excitement and had the opportunity to get to know this unsung hero and his story. He shared his love for fishing on Lake St. Clair and his dog. He also shared some troubling news with us as well. 

As we learned more about the unsung hero, we discovered he wasn’t only dealing with a failing furnace. He informed us that he was to undergo an amputation of both his legs. After learning this unfortunate news, we quickly recognized that some areas of his home were not wheelchair accessible. So, we sprung into action and worked with community members close to him to ensure his transition went as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.  

Not only did we provide his home with a new Lennox HVAC system. But while we were on-site, we fixed his washroom to make it wheelchair accessible and called in some friends to help redo some plumbing throughout his home at no cost to our unsung hero.  

As we look back at last year’s Feel the Love Campaign, we’re reminded that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.  

Team Randazzo Helping the nominee
2021: The Randazzo team taking a photo with the recipient of the Feel the Love Campaign

2022’s Feel the Love Campaign  

This year we’re excited to help another unsung hero and we need your help to do it! If you know someone in need of an HVAC system, please nominate them by going to https://feelthelove.com/  and clicking the “Nominate Someone” button.  

To learn more about the Feel the Love campaign, please click here. 

To find out what makes for a good nominee, please click here