The Scoop On Platinum Maintenance

12:50 pm - January 25, 2017

I know what you’re thinking, another maintenance or protection plan. As consumers we seem to get them everywhere we go with just about anything we buy nowadays. You can’t go buy a TV at a store without them giving you the spiel on a protection or maintenance plan that’s supposed to protect your investment. Well […]

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Diamond+Care – A Revolutionary Warranty and Maintenance Plan

The Diamond+Care Premium Warranty & Maintenance Package is an exclusive package only offered to Randazzo customers who have installed a Lennox or York furnace and air conditioning (or heat pump) system. With an investment as large as a new furnace and air conditioner, it is crucial that proper maintenance and service (hyperlink to the importance […]

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Stopping The Pain In Propane

10:08 am - February 19, 2014

What seems to be hurting the most right now? Back pain? Knee pain? What about Propane? The propane industry has seen an unforeseen surge in cost and in conjunction with an extremely cold winter, is wreaking havoc on homeowners struggling to fill up their propane pigs on an annual basis. The cost of propane soared […]

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Need A New Furnace?
It’s Not As Expensive As You May Think!

10:41 am - January 28, 2014

It’s the dead of winter, freezing temperatures wrap anything outside in it’s wrath and you find yourself fast-walking everywhere just to get inside. Meanwhile, while this is all going on during your daily routine, your furnace is working overtime! Most people don’t understand the types of conditions that these furnaces were designed for and they […]

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How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

11:17 am - January 27, 2014

How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter As a homeowner (or renter if your landlord does not take care of it) it is very important to clean your air conditioning filter regularly. To decrease any changes of a major air conditioner malfunction, it is wise to check your filter at least every thirty days. If your […]

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Be Careful of a Leaky Air Conditioner

Because of this Heat Wave of 2012, air conditioners are being used to their fullest capacity. AC Repair Detroit is here to give you a caveat, though – be careful! Please make sure you take care of your units properly. If you have a unit that is leaking refrigerant, there is a potential for a flood to […]

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iComfort Upgrades

1:43 pm - January 20, 2014

iComfort Touch™ Upgrade Program Are you the owner of an iComfort thermostat? You may have seen our advertisments for the NEW Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat. This is the latest advancement in Lennox innovation and gives you even more control of your home’s comfort and energey use by adding Wi-Fi capabilities. With this thermostat you’ll be […]

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Repair Broken A/C Tutorial

11:13 pm - January 16, 2014

It happens to everyone. The hottest day of the year and the A/C quits working! No worries, though. With Randazzo’s step-by-step broken air conditioner tutorial we might have you up and running in no time with these few simple steps. Be mindful that this page will only be talking about the split-system air conditioning units […]

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Tax Credits That Actually Work!

If a home furnace replacement or geothermal heating system is something you have considered in the past, there may never be a better time to replace your heating equipment than right now! You can receive tax credit incentives of as much as $1,500 for replacement high efficiency furnaces, and up to 30% for geothermal systems. […]

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Receive up to a $550 Rebate* with the purchase of a qualifying Lennox® Home Comfort System

Offer is valid July 6, 2009 through August 14, 2009, with the purchase of qualifying Lennox products. Contact Randazzo Mechanical, your Lennox Premier Dealer, for details.

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2010 Winter Promotions From Randazzo!

Three exciting offers that will leave you feeling warm this winter! From your friends at Randazzo! Receive up to $1,000 Rebate Offer Purchase a qualifying Lennox® home comfort system. The “2010 Winter Consumer Promotion” features both system and individual unit offers. WINTER PROMOTION ELIGIBILITY Purchase and install between January 18, 2010, and February 26, 2010. […]

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