Air Conditioning Engineers is now a Randazzo Company - Randazzo Heating & Cooling

It's everything you want in better home comfort

Our customers are at the center of our mission...

and we're committed to respecting our customers’ time while simplifying an unforgettable experience.

Service from the same great people you knew, now with the name you know!

Our Services

All of the same services that you are used to will still be available, but now with a little bit more to offer with the power of Randazzo. All of your existing customer information remains intact, as well, so nothing to worry about there!

More Convenience

Our mission is for your experience to be nothing but extraordinary. We will now utilize automatic booking confirmations through text message and email for all appointments, with more availability than ever before. You can even track your technician to your house.

Want To Know More?

We understand that this is new for you, too. We're committed to delivering on our promise to our customers and if there are still questions regarding this transition, please feel free to contact us at 586-739-4942.

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Remember, all of your information is already on our system and we are ready to serve you.