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For a limited time, power up with $750 in cash back incentives on a home standby generator installed by Randazzo

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Randazzo installs Kohler generators - generator page

Home Generators Made Easy With Randazzo

A Kohler® Generator installed by Randazzo Heating and Cooling is always on guard... so you don’t need to be.

Randazzo installs Kohler generators - generator page

Power Outages can strike any time, any place...

A power outage is not merely inconvenient. It can be costly, stressful, even dangerous. Some of the more common effects—

• food spoils
• basements flood
• pipes freeze
• Powered medical devices inoperable

Randazzo installs Kohler generators - generator page

POWER UP with $500 in cash back savings!

Available on qualifying Kohler Home Standby Generators through Randazzo Heating and Cooling.

Take your power back with help from Randazzo!

The sheer number of power outages has increased to an astounding number over the last few years – only to get worse as infrastructure fails and stronger storms hit. This makes having a home standby generator even more top of mind. Let's face it, our lives run on electricity and it takes a part of everything that we do.  Protect your home and family with a Kohler automatic standby generator installed by Randazzo Heating & Cooling and keep life going without disruption.

With Randazzo, We Make It Simple...

One thing to keep in mind: this is not a DIY project. It all begins with a home visit with a trained generator specialist from Randazzo.  They’ll help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and the best installation locations for your generator and transfer switch.

Most installations will take one day and Randazzo Heating & Cooling will take care of it all from the initial placement of your new unit to pulling the necessary municipal permit. That's the benefit of working with a mechanical contractor for your new generator. Randazzo has the certified trained installation technicians as well as a team of electricians, so there's no subcontracted work and it all falls under the Randazzo 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

How Much Will This Cost?

Because every home is different, costs can vary from home to home due to the scope of installation. That being said, it's always tough to deliver pricing on such a custom project. As Michigan's top-rated heating and cooling company, know that 100% customer satisfaction is our mission, and we go to great lengths to make sure that we deliver on that with every customer that we work with.

Your team at Randazzo Heating & Cooling will deliver you a professional proposal during your estimate so that you know what your project will cost. We know this is an investment for you and we want you to trust who you're working with. When you choose Randazzo, you get it all – Professional one-day-installation, all required permits, setup, support, and more. Randazzo also offers easy financing options. For instance, you could have your new generator installed with payments as low as $50 a month.

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Incentives are available on qualifying Kohler® Home Standby Generators through Randazzo Heating and Cooling. Pricing and incentives are valid on residential applications only. Some restrictions may apply. Promotions and pricing subject to change at any time. Financing available with approved credit. Promotional incentives are valid for a limited time only.