Furnace/Air Conditioner Repair Coupons & Specials

We now offer service and repair calls for as low as $95! Randazzo has also moved on to a new price program for repairs. Now customers will know what the repair will cost prior to actually making the repair!


For a limited time, Randazzo is giving away ultraviolet germicidal lights at 50% off! Healthy Climate’s UV lights provide a mold and bacteria-free environment for air conditioning coils. Randazzo can help greatly reduce your family’s exposure to harmful airborne pollutants. For more information please visit Healthy Climate’s web page or our web store to purchase a kit today. Randazzo will also install the UV lights when purchased Online. Be sure to use coupon code “light” to get 50% off¬†or Call 888-884-3322 to purchase from a Randazzo customer service representative.



Randazzo is offering special savings. Receive a furnace tune-up and A/C tune-up for just $199, normally $160 each.

Click here to book a maintenance visit Online.

Be sure to ask your technician to perform a combustion report. Combustion reports (analysis) is the only true way of verifying leaks in a furnace’s heat exchanger. It is much more accurate than using an inspection camera or a “stand-alone” CO detector. With a combustion report, Randazzo can tell you with certainty that your furnace is safe for your family. Combustion analysis reports are not included in a regular furnace tune-up, however, Randazzo will reimburse the cost of the analysis if a new furnace is purchased from Randazzo.