Endless Hot Water with Rinnai and Randazzo!

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Get Ready For An Endless Supply Of Hot Water!

Rinnai Tankless hot water offers the best in water heating technology. Over the years of development, tankless units generally were misrepresented by contractors that did not want to take the time to install these units. In contrast, these units outperform any tank in a comparable class. Because the water does not sit idle for long periods of time, like in a conventional tank, there is less chance of scaling within the heat exchanger. Yes, these unit do scale up, as any hot water boiler would, but they are easy to maintain and last three times longer than a traditional tank! The average/standard hot water tank will last 7-12 years at best, with proper maintenance and water conditions. A tankless water heater can last over 20 years!

It’s a nightmare to be without hot water due to a tank failure; there are many benefits to choosing Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters as your solution. Depending on your family size or water usage patterns, you may experience times when your tank does not produce an adequate amount of hot water. ¬†Or you may be interested in freeing up some valuable space in your home. The advantages of switching to a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater are truly endless.

If your home has a circulating system that provides instant hot water to your faucets, Rinnai can help save cost on installation because they come with a factory installed circulation pump that can adapt to your homes existing circulation system or integrate into a new install of a circulation system.

Tankless water heaters alone will not provide instant hot water to your faucets only homes with circulation loops, or systems, installed will allow near instant hot water when you turn on a faucet or shower.

Randazzo has qualified installers ready to properly size and install the right system for your home’s hot water needs. Call Randazzo today to set up a free in-home estimate for a Rinnai tankless water heater.