Choosing a Technician Heating Air Conditioning

Choosing a Technician

When choosing a heating and cooling contractor, it is extremely important to know who you can trust. Selecting Randazzo as your air conditioning or furnace technician means that you will receive the service, comfort and reliability you deserve.

Randazzo Heating, Cooling, and Fireplaces has been serving Metro Detroit, Michigan with heating and cooling service for over 50 years. We are confident that you will be very happy with the products and services we provide. Whether you need furnace repair, a new air conditioner or a fireplace, we pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry.

We only deal with top-brand manufacturers such as Lennox, Bryant, York, Carrier, and more. So you can trust that you are getting quality products and top-notch service from a quality dealer when you choose Randazzo. For more information contact us now, or review the list below! This list details why Randazzo should be your choice for a heating or cooling service contractor.

This checklist is your guide and our standard:

  • Randazzo is NATE certified, licensed and insured.
  • Randazzo secures all necessary permits for all applications
  • Randazzo will make a thorough assessment of your home or business and gather information to ensure that the we provide the best options for you and your budget.
  • Randazzo has physical locations, and is established in the air conditioning and furnace industry. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals or testimonials from real Randazzo customers!
  • Randazzo has a solid reputation. There is nothing worse than having your system break down in the middle of summer, only to find that your original installer is unresponsive or out of business.
  • Randazzo gives estimates and guarantees in writing. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Randazzo will offer the most current rebates and tax credits available.
  • Beware of the LOW price! If you are receiving multiple bids, make sure you know exactly what you are receiving. The lowest bid can often be the worst, and most expensive in the end. “Don’t rely on that guy on the side! Go with the name you know, 877-RANDAZZO!”

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