A/C SEER Savings Calculator

Understanding how air conditioners are rated is very important when making a decision to add or replace an air conditioning unit. Most air conditioner manufactures use SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) ratings to rate their air conditing equipment. The higher the SEER is, the more efficient the air conditioner becomes. The lower SEER units will typically reflect a less efficient air conditioner. The government mandates a minimun SEER of 13 to be today’s stanard. Lennox has the capacity of greater than 21 SEER! Calculating the savings over time will give consumers a better idea of what SEER air conditioner they should purchase.

Along with a higher SEER comes a higher up-front price but greater retun in the future. Keep in mind the higher end or higher SEER air conditioning systems have much greater rebates and can qualify for federal tax credits as well as local utility rebates totaling thousands of dollars back!

Use this energy calculator below to see potential savings of higher SEER air conditioning system.

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