Need A New Furnace?
It’s Not As Expensive As You May Think!

10:41 am - January 28, 2014

Furnace Savings

It’s the dead of winter, freezing temperatures wrap anything outside in it’s wrath and you find yourself fast-walking everywhere just to get inside. Meanwhile, while this is all going on during your daily routine, your furnace is working overtime! Most people don’t understand the types of conditions that these furnaces were designed for and they keep neglecting the fact that each time that furnace lights, it could very well be it’s last. Most furnaces were designed to keep a difference of 70 degrees above the outer elements. So if you couple that last statement with the negative temperatures that we’re getting during this brutal January, anytime your furnace is set to above 70 and it’s below zero… Your furnace is overworking.

If you’re one of the many people that have a 10 to 15 year old 80% furnace there’s a good chance that your furnace is not as efficient, in fact, it’s probably more like 65% now. So for every time that old furnace turns on and begins to attempt at heating your home, it’s pouring precious heat out of the chimney or better yet dollars out of your wallet. High efficiency furnaces are built to save not only as much heat as they produce, but that equates to money saved every single time it heats your home!

With a new high efficiency furnace installed by Randazzo, you can save on average over $2,500 over 3 years (illustrated above)! Let’s just say that the life expectancy of that new furnace was 10 years, that’s over $8,000 in savings over that 10 year period! Now that is some payback! Visit our appointment page where you can schedule an estimate right here online and a Randazzo comfort advisor will come out to your home at no charge and show you how much YOU can really save!

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