Be Careful of a Leaky Air Conditioner

11:15 am - January 27, 2014

Because of this Heat Wave of 2012, air conditioners are being used to their fullest capacity. AC Repair Detroit is here to give you a caveat, though – be careful! Please make sure you take care of your units properly. If you have a unit that is leaking refrigerant, there is a potential for a flood to start.

Within the past couple of years, there have been an influx of floods and water damage due to air conditioners that have leaked. In most cases, there was a leek in the refrigerant circuit that will cause a low-pressure state. Low pressure in an a/c refrigerant system will cause the coil (unit placed above the furnace) to get so cold that it will freeze the moisture in the air and cause ice to form. Once the ice starts forming the air in the duct system will start to get more and more restricted thus causing less heat transfer and virtually no air movement in the duct system. After the a/c quits the ice will melt and this will typically overload the drain pan located under the coil to leak all over the furnace and onto the floor below. This can cause flooding around the furnace and can cause the electrical equipment to short-circuit.

You can avoid this problem relatively easily. If you make sure your drain lines are not clogged and your air conditioner unit is maintained, the threat of a leakage is decreased exponentially. Keep in mind that the maintenance of the air conditioner drain line is the responsibility of the homeowner. A Platinum maintenance program will include this check as well as making sure the proper refrigerant levels are maintained.

Since the heat wave is causing everyone to run their air conditioner units more frequently, please make sure your drain line is properly maintained. Since the unit is being used so frequently, the drain line has an increased chance of overflowing.

If you are in a condo or apartment complex, the water can leak on to your neighbors causing all kinds of damage and flooding.

In order to prevent clogged drainpipes, you can pour diluted bleach into the drain. The bleach prevents algae growing on the drains. It is also recommended that you have your unit checked at least every year by a licensed air conditioner repair company, like AC Repair Detroit. Also, do not keep anything in the closet your units are in. This will decrease your chances of any equipment malfunctions in case a leak occurs. Even Kate Upton uses our advice!

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